Week 12 Class Notes

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Here is the link for the project cathrine wanted us to participate with


Catherine mentioned the idea of privately owned public spaces (POPS), and I wanted to share two things dealing with it, in case people are interested.

…what appears to be win-win for developers, citizens, and open space advocates masks a deeper question: just how “public” are these spaces? All are under heavy surveillance; some indicate this with signage, but many do not. Unlike traditional public spaces, where surveillance efforts routinely spark a lively debate regarding the security concerns of the state, constitutional rights, and civil liberty interests, surveillance in these sites goes without question. In San Francisco’s POPOS, the debate appears to be wholly lacking. To what extent, then, should a public space under the unblinking eye of private ownership be called “public” at all?

99% invisible episode about this http://podbean.99percentinvisible.org/2010/11/05/99-invisible-09-99-private/

Also see Christo de Klerk’s project OccupyPOPS (which was a project from last years Civic Media course.

Introducing @OccupyPOPS, a Twitter bot that coordinates weekly mini-occupy movements at a different privately owned public space in New York City. Privately owned public space (POPS) is a city program that grants property developers increased density in exchange for publicly accessible outdoor and indoor spaces. In 2007 the City recognized the failures of the program and went about improving it with new regulations. The intended outcome of these changes was the increase of daytime public use of these spaces.

class notes

Shankari response

http://occupydatanyc.org/ map projects


Open Street Map and http://mapkibera.org/




Map of Tongoy, Coquimbo, Chile – no roads on google maps

Nitin discussing mapping in Palestine

Decolonizing Architecture
Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti,
Eyal Weizmann

Francis Alys – drawing his own lines as a form of protest

Tretmont Street revisited


protest mapping in chile and Jerusalem

Oscar Brett, counter maps with balloons

Gwanas canal project

Mapping air pollution through bikes

Talking to cathrine and seeing her presentation

Institute For infinitely small things

What can you do in privately owned public spaces that’s appropriate?

How many breathes does it take to evacuate Boston

We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us – o’odham tribal territory straddling border

Putting the photographs of the US Mexico fence to New England college context at umass Amherst


Contentions of naming conventions, opposing interests in the politics of naming
Companies who make maps – Nike fuel runs – what is the contested space of the corporate map?
What’s the potential for remapping in an abstract way or will people need a grounding to existing forms or realities?

Map positions you above (decertau) totalizing, military sort of technology, how do you make a map from inside things?

Website to fundraiser for the 8 year old who was killed


Misc Links


lecture following class


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